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Residents and their families  are often worried about what the home is going to be like and if it’s for them, but once they meet our staff and other residents they are re assured that our home is just that ‘a home from home ’.

Meals are freshly prepared by our chef and qualified cooks who are able to offer menu choices and work closely with residents, families and dieticians, so menu’s can be tailored to different dietary needs.  

We provide a wide and diverse range of activities, there is always something for everyone.

Here at Grace Muriel we have a wonderful landscaped garden and courtyard, with the addition of a beautiful summerhouse and wheelchair access vegetable garden, residents can continue to enjoy gardening or just relax in the sunshine.  

Our well-being room,  provides the perfect,  relaxing atmosphere to be pampered,  have your hair done by our private stylist, a manicure, foot care from a private chiropodist or a treatment from any of our other visiting professionals.

We strive to ensure that all the little things that are important are available; such as your newspaper delivered daily, a telephone in your room and your post to your door.

Living at Grace Muriel House gives you the opportunity to continue to have a full and active lifestyle, safe in the knowledge that staff are here to help and support you. Many residents find that their well-being improves as the stress and worry of coping alone is no longer an issue.